The IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen and its French partner ELIPSO call on their members to participate in the 5th PackTheFuture Award. The award honours innovative and sustainable packaging solutions made of plastic and aims to promote and publicise the contribution of plastic packaging to climate protection, circular economy and responsible consumption.

Mara Hancker IK

IK Managing Director Mara Hancker

“Plastic packaging is a high-tech product and deserves appreciation for its many contributions to product and climate protection,” says IK Managing Director Mara Hancker, explaining the aims of the award. “With the PackTheFuture Award, we are putting a spotlight on packaging innovations that are outstanding ambassadors of our industry: Plastic packaging protects sustainably.”


Ik Elipso Packthefuture Logo

Gael Bouquet ELIPSO

Gael Bouquet, Secretary General of ELIPSO

“With the PacktheFuture award, we are raising public and industry awareness of even more innovative and sustainable plastic packaging solutions across Europe,” says Gael Bouquet, General Secretary of ELIPSO. We are vigorously carrying the vision of a new circular economy for the European plastic packaging industry.”


Logo Interseroh+The two associations have used the pandemic hiatus to sharpen the profile of the award and realign the categories for submission to the cornerstones of EcoDesign As sponsor, Interseroh+, part of the Interzero Group, supports the PackTheFuture Award.

Müller Drexel Interseroh

Markus Müller-Drexel, CEO of Interseroh+

“The PackTheFuture Award offers an excellent platform to further expand our commitment to sustainable and recyclable plastic packaging,” says Markus Müller-Drexel, CEO of Interseroh+ and member of the Grand Jury.


Members of the two associations can submit their innovations in the following categories until 28 February:

  • Design for reuse
  • Design for sustainable material sourcing and recycled content
  • Design for recycling
  • Design for environmentally compatible use and disposal
  • Design for product protection
  • Design for consumer benefit / convenience

A new website with an easy online application is available for submission at

Attention-grabbing awards ceremony at Interpack

After the last Corona-compliant online award ceremony for the PackTheFuture Award 2020, the organisers, together with Messe Düsseldorf, are now looking forward to another attention-grabbing award at Interpack. As usual, all submissions will be recognised in the Innovation Book.


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